Ramphos/Sonic Amphibian

In 2005 in the Ramphos hull system was modified to accept the German Sonic trike.
The Sonic trike is German DULV certified with the Rotax 582 and Mercedes Smart Turbo Gasoline engines.
The TurboG , a four stroke, has a rating of 67/78 Hp. and a fuel burn of only five liters per hour and comes equipped with centrifugal clutch and sturdy belt drive.
The Sonic frame is also constructed using high grade stainless steel. This combination is to be totally cerified by DULV by the end of January 2006.

Ramphos "S" Amphibian

The "S" model is our upscale model. The hull is constructed using Kevlar and Carbon fiber cloths. The hull is equipped with Lexan viewing ports beneath the pilot's seat. This unit can utilize the Rotax 582, 912 and Smart TurboG engines.

Available Accessories

Many accessories and enhancements are available.
The Ramphos frame and wing is predisposed for attachment of the BRS parachute system.
A landing light, water proof electric system, sump pump, dual controls, digital instruments and emergency floatation equipment are a few of the available accessories.
The hull can be custom painted and personalized to suit the customer's tastes.
The Hydro is a water only unit. To facilitate the movement of the Hydro in and out of the water as well as trailer loading, we have developed a unique removable transport wheel system.
This system easily attaches to the side of the hull and can be removed just as conveniently and stored.

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